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Serving 27 districts (60 school buildings / approximately 1,000 teachers) throughout Onondaga, Cortland, and Madison county, the OCM BOCES Science Center maintains a K - 6 science program that is specifically aligned to the New York State Science Core Curriculum.

We can be reached by phone at 315.433.2671 or online using the contact link.

Teacher Resources

Access to Teacher Resource Website, Science Kit Book List, OCM BOCES Curriculum Resource Center, NYSED ...

Kit Program On-Line Scheduling

On-Line Scheduling is closed
If you need to schedule or modify a schedule for Science or NY Health Central kits, contact the Science Center.

Kit Scheduling Related Paperwork:
Science Kit Descriptions
Recommended Science Kits for Grades K-6
Full Science and Health Kit Offerings Chart 
Science "Light" and "A La Carte" Kit Offerings Chart

Science & Health Training:
Schedule & Registration

View the training schedule and/or register for a session. We are now using My Learning Plan for all training registrations. Watch a video of how to use MLP (My Learning Plan Video).

News & Notes

(ELS & ILS Test Training)
Information about the upcoming ELS (Elementary Level Science) and ILS (Intermediate Level Science) Test administration dates and training on administering/scoring the performance section.

NGSS LogoNext Generation Science Standards

Resource page

Next Generation Science Standards Timeline:

Click here to view a one page overview of the roles of the key organizations in the standards development process.

Reach Science Center Teacher Trainer Darlene Devendorf via Skype! Either jump on to see if Darlene is available for a chat or arrange a chat ahead of time by contacting the Science Center.

Video call address: darlene.devendorf

Science Kits & Programs

Our Science Kits provide teachers with the sequential lessons and materials needed to engage students, promote a positive attitude towards science, develop inquiry and problem solving skills, as well as learn developmentally appropriate science content.

As a teacher, you get a detailed teacher guide, student journal and the materials necessary to complete the activities and facilitate learning. You are also entitled to training on the specific science unit to develop effective instructional strategies, content knowledge, and the confidence to meet students' learning needs. Professional development is available through kit training, workshops, website resources, email, and phone support.

Our Science Programs provide exceptional students with advanced learning opportunities which are coordinated by the OCM BOCES Science Center along with OCM BOCES member School Districts.

Enterprise America Program

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This amazing learning program for middle school students includes several weeks of class-room curriculum aligned to Common Core and NYS Learn-ing Standards. As an Enterprise America teacher, you’ll prepare your students by having them explore what it takes to make a modern American city work, from local government to business to wellness and media. Then, you and your students will take that knowledge and put it into practice by running the Enterprise America “city” for a day.


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